Name: Adze

Region: Africa (Togo)

Culture/Religion: Ewe

The Adze is a vampiric creature who look like fireflies (or another insect) until caught, in which they take on a human form. As a human, they are ugly, hunchbacked, and have long talons (bird claws). In its human form, the Adze rips open the abdomen of its victims, eats the victim’s heart and liver, and drains the victim’s blood. In its firefly form, it acted as a mosquito and sucked blood from a sleeping victim. The victim dies within days of its bite. When the Adze cannot find blood, it feeds on coconut water and palm oil (similar to how “vegetarian” vampires drink animal blood). Adzes feed on the innocent and prefer children. Sometimes the Adze does not kill and only takes enough blood to survive.

One unique aspect of an Adze is its ability to possess humans. They were most likely to posses women, the elderly, and the poor. Those who are possessed are called witches and bring bad luck everywhere they go.

The only way to kill an Adze is in its human form. This is tricky because there is no way to protect oneself from an Adze. The best way to capture one is through coconut water and palm oil.

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